A Couple Bites

D.I.N.Ks: Savoring Life, A Couple Bites at a Time

Fished soup in a bowl with whole green onions on the side.

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Recipes For Any Pallet or Skill Level

Whether you’re cooking for each other, your friends, or training to be on a cooking competition show, these recipes are sure to satiate all palettes.

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Meet the creators

Welcome! We’re Matt and Melissa

This is not your influencer’s food blog. Join us, your favorite DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) on a culinary journey. Don’t worry, you can easily use these recipes for your entire family. Just don’t ask us to watch your kids because it would be taboo to bring them to bars. Residing in the greatest county in the entire country, Monmouth County, NJ, watch as we pull inspiration from our local community and create some fun times in the kitchen. No bullshit. Just bites.

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